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Born in 1988 and raised on the island of Curaçao in the Caribbean, off the coast of Venezuela. As a kid I would already be intrigued by the mystique of Marc Chagall's work. Especially the piece "Les Amoureux de Vence" [The lovers of Vence]. I would see a poster of this piece every summer, whilst on vacation with my father in the Netherlands. We would stay at a family acquittance  for a few days, where this poster was prominently hanging in the kitchen. I would get lost in the painting in search of all the hidden faces.



Fast forward to 2018, my curiosity in art is trigged from an investment point of view. After watching a Sotheby's Impressionist & Modern art auction, mind = blown! To see this big of an 'appreciation' for artists like Basquiat, Hockney and up and coming artists such as Aboudia. Big eye opener. I casually start painting in my off time, and the rest is, work in progress..

les amoureux de vence chagall.jpeg


Modern and contemporary art in the form of neo expressionist outings mostly focussing on problems of the human in the Western world.

The act of painting has become a way to reset the mind and soul. 

boudino de jong street art mural curacao
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